Covid-19 – Safe events policy.

Meeting room bookings now open.

Our meeting rooms are currently open for wedding receptions, meetings, training, support groups and for general use as a venue.

Due to the Governments current state of alert however, we have produced a safe events policy for all hirers. (See below)

Whether you are new to the venue or considering resuming your meetings, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We hope that together we can ensure events are conducted in the safest way possible.

Covid-19 Safe Events Policy

Last updated: 12th April 2021


This JCT safer events policy is intended to provide guidance to room hirers and facilitators of events taking place on our premises. The policy is based on the latest government guidance. 

The JCT is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its employees and those affected by its undertaking. However, all facilitators and room hirers are expected to manage their events in a way that minimizes the possibility of Covid-19 spreading from one person to another or being populated in any part of the premises. 

Please enquire by emailing if you need further guidance.

For further information, please see latest government guidance at the following link.

Our rooms have varying capacities up to 30 people (per meeting). However, the number of people attending your event must not exceed the limits imposed in government guidelines. Please see the link above to see the kind of groups and number of people that can meet in our centre.

If you have any doubts as to whether your event is legal or safe, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with you. 

Pre-event arrangements

The hirer must demonstrate to the JCT 48 hours before the event, how they will
– Manage the safe entry and exit of its delegates with regard to social distancing and how it will mitigate the spread of Covid-19 during the event.
– A copy of the hirer’s risk assessment should be sent to JCT. All risk assessments should be reviewed and revised regularly.
– Ensure that delegates displaying symptoms are denied entry to the event and advised to go home and self-isolate
IMPORTANT: Events should be for pre-booked delegates only.
GDPR compliant health verification must be performed on all staff and delegates on entry to the building in the form of a signed declaration from each delegate (on arrival or before) that they are not experiencing symptoms of Coronavirus and that they are eligible by law to attend the event.
Hirers must maintain a list of names and contact details for 21 days after the event to support NHS Track and Trace.
Hirers are encouraged to download the NHS COVID-19 app on personal phones and follow the instructions received.

During the event

Hand sanitiser stations and hand washing facilities can be found around the centre for delegates.
Delegates must be encouraged to wash their hands or use hand sanitiser regularly throughout the event. (Recommended once every hour)
“Keep your distance” signage will be installed by the centre but it is up to hirers to provide signage and routing for safe thoroughfare throughout the building.
Masks may be provided but it is recommended that delegates and hirers provide their own where necessary.
The room hire terms and conditions agreed by the hirer during the booking process outline the responsibilities of both the hirer and JCT.

Hirer responsibilities

– Manage social distancing and measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus during the event. (See below)
– Manage safe entry and exit and thoroughfare through the building to reduce contact.
– Have an effective and appropriate emergency plan for when someone is taken ill.

Social distancing

Government guidelines for events taking place from 4th July onwards have stipulated the following
2m, or 1m with risk mitigation where 2m is not viable, is acceptable. You should consider and set out the mitigations you will introduce in your risk assessments.
2m distancing should be followed at all times where possible. However, if the event is not viable with 2m distancing, we have assessed the capacity of each of our rooms to allow for 1m distancing (see appendix) but in this case the following mitigations should be made by the hirer.
– Seating arrangements must not allow delegates to sit face to face less than 2m from each other. Therefore, there will be no boardroom set up. Sitting in a circle or u-shape is acceptable.
– The facilitator should remind people to wash their hands frequently during the event and allowance should be given for delegates to do so
– Efforts should be made to reduce the number of people working together. Therefore, small group and breakout activities should be avoided unless there is sufficient space for 2m social distancing to be observed at all times.

JCT responsibilities

– To provide safe capacity levels for all of the rooms.
– To set in place standard procedures and ensure handwashing and hand sanitizing facilities and extra sanitiser is available.
– To provide relevant signage around the building.
– To ensure all risk assessments regarding safety of the premises during Covid-19 are in place and available.
– Ensure risk assessment and procedure has been done by the hirer and discussions have taken place before the event on how this can be done.
– To have staff available for help and guidance unless otherwise arranged with the hirer.

Guidance and sources