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Management of the Event
1. The room(s) hired may be used only for the purpose specified in the Agreement. If used by the Hirer or anyone else for any other purpose, the Agreement will be terminated forthwith and the Event and any other use will be brought to an end immediately.
2. The Hirer is responsible for compliance with all health and safety and food hygiene regulations as necessary for the Event. The Hirer shall notify JESUS CENTRES TRUST (referred to as JCT) forthwith of any accident (whether or not involving personal injury) occurring on the premises in connection with the Event.
3. The Hirer is responsible for acquainting itself with the Fire Drill and ensuring, in case of a fire, that the area of the building hired is evacuated in a safe and orderly manner.
4. The Hirer must ensure that all emergency exits remain unlocked and unobstructed throughout the period of hire.
5. The Hirer must supervise the use of the premises covered by the hire during the times of hire. This includes ensuring compliance with the Centre’s policies (including its no- smoking and drugs policies). The Hirer shall provide sufficient stewards (who must be identifiable as such) for the Event as is necessary to ensure compliance with the Hirer’s obligations under this Agreement.
6. Any property brought upon the premises by the Hirer or any attendees at the event is entirely at the Hirer’s own risk. JCT has no insurance cover for third party property in the event of loss and/or damage.
7. If the Hirer wishes to use its own electrical equipment, it must ensure that the equipment complies with current electrical safety standards.
8. Keys/access will be arranged with the Hirer personally. Loss of keys or breach of security will result in a charge of £50 in addition to any other compensation that may be payable.
9. The Hirer must respect any exclusions of persons from the Centre that JCT has enforced for whatever reason and not have any such excluded persons attending their event.
10. The Hirer shall not in any way state or imply that JCT is associated with or supportive of the Hirer without the prior written permission of the Centre Management Team.
11. The Hirer shall not permit anything to be said or done in or about the premises which is subversive of public law or order or which may lead to a breach of the peace or which may injure the reputation of the Centre or JCT.
12. The Hirer shall comply with all statutes regulations and bye-laws applicable to the Event and shall not permit anything to be done in relation to the Event which shall become a public nuisance or which shall cause nuisance, annoyance or damage to any person or property in the vicinity of the Centre.
13. Alcoholic drinks shall not be sold, supplied or consumed in the Centre without the prior permission.
14. No broadcast or recording of the Event or any part of it for the purpose of television, radio or publication or reproduction in any medium shall be made without the prior permission of the Lettings Coordinator.
15. No collection, game of chance, sweepstake, gambling or lottery shall take place on the premises without the prior written permission of the Centre Management Committee.
16. The hirer shall, during the period of hire be responsible for: a) the efficient supervision of the premises, including the orderly and safe admission and departure of persons to and from the premises and assisting the Lettings Coordinator in the orderly and safe clearance of the premises in case of emergency b) keeping the premises safe and ensuring good order and decency is maintained c) keeping the conditions imposed from time to time by the Fire Officer and ensuring that all doors giving exit from the premises shall be kept unlocked and unobstructed, and immediately available for exit during the whole time the premises are in use and no obstruction shall be placed or allowed to remain in any corridor giving access to the premises. If you fail, in the opinion of the Lettings Coordinator, to comply with clause 16 he/she shall be permitted to suspend or terminate the function for which the immediate clearance of the premises may be required. JCT will not be liable for any damages arising from the termination or suspension unless arising directly from JCT negligence
Safeguarding of vulnerable adults and children
17. The Hirer shall comply with the requirements of s12(1) of the Children and Young Persons Act 1933 (reproduced at the end) and shall take all reasonable precautions to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of persons under the age of 18 attending the Event. Where unaccompanied under 18-year-olds or vulnerable adults are involved in the event, the hirer shall present their safeguarding policy prior to the event taking place or inform Jesus Centres Trust of the designated person responsible for safeguarding who must be present at the event at all times.
18. The Centre has a current Public Entertainment License but it is the Hirer’s responsibility to carry its own licences for the use of any sound, video, TV or photographic recordings.
19. The Hirer shall produce copies of all licences relating to the Event to JCT upon demand.
20. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to carry public liability insurance for the Event, in such amount as JCT considers adequate, and such other insurances as shall be appropriate to it and/or to the Hirer’s organisation. The Hirer shall produce the certificates of insurance to JCT on demand. If required by JCT, the Hirer shall ensure that JCT’s interests are noted on the policy and shall produce evidence that this has been done.
21. The Hirer shall not deface any part of the Centre nor, without the prior permission of JCT and then only in accordance with any conditions imposed on the grant of such permission:
20.1 interfere in any way with the heating, lighting or power supply systems or any equipment in the Centre;
20.2 drive any nail, screw, hook, fitment or other article into any part of the fabric of the Centre;
20.3 affix any placard or other object to any part of the Centre;
20.4 bring any furniture, equipment, animal or hazardous article material or substance on or into any part of the Centre;
20.5 do, permit or allow anything which would render JCT liable to pay an increased premium for its own insurance policies or which would render any of those policies void or voidable.
22. The Hirer shall ensure that no attendee at the Event (whether invited or permitted or not) or other person associated with it does any of the acts set out in clause 20.
23. The hirer shall be wholly liable and responsible for any loss or damage to the premises or any part of it or its fixtures or fittings or to any of JCT equipment used by him/her or by persons permitted on the premises by reason of his/her hire. The Hirer must pay for any extra cleaning caused by its leaving the Centre in a dirty or untidy state.
24. References in this Agreement to JCT (but not the Centre Management) include, where appropriate, references to any member of JCT’s staff duly authorised to represent JCT in relation to the management of the hire of rooms to third parties.
25. References to the Hirer include, where appropriate, references to any person who may fairly be regarded by JCT as being responsible for or associated with the Event on the Hirer’s behalf.
26. References to the premises include, where appropriate, references to any part of the Centre to which the Hirer or any person attending the Event may have access in connection with it, whether or not such access has been authorised by JCT.
27. Any failure or delay by JCT to enforce any term of this Agreement or to take action for breach of it shall not constitute or be deemed to be a waiver of any of JCT rights under it or acquiescence in such a breach.
28. Nothing in this Agreement gives any rights to or confers any benefits upon any person who is not a party to it.
29. JCT reserves the right to cancel any letting for non-compliance with these terms and/or to take whatever steps it sees fit to ensure the proper management of the Event if the Hirer fails or refuses to do so.
30. Evening open days/times are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 17:00 – 2130. Due to staff and security limitations, JCT will only be able to open if staff are available to cover the letting. If the hirer stays later than 2130, he/she shall be charged double the agreed rate for every extra 30 minutes that he/she is on the property.
31. JCT reserve the right to cancel any booking that JCT deems unacceptable if the client has not declared this at the reservation stage.
Children and Young Persons Act 1933
12 Failing to provide for the safety of children at entertainments
(1) Where there is provided in any building an entertainment for children, or an entertainment at which the majority of the persons attending are children, then, if the number of children attending the entertainment exceeds one hundred, it shall be the duty of the person providing the entertainment to station and keep stationed wherever necessary a sufficient number of adult attendants, properly instructed as to their duties, to prevent more children or other persons being admitted to the building, or to any part thereof, than the building or part can properly accommodate, and to control the movement of the children and other persons admitted while entering and leaving the building or any part thereof, and to take all other reasonable precautions for the safety of the children.