• Wedding table
  • Terrace room with table and chairs in

Covid-safe Weddings

Preparing for an upcoming wedding can be a bumpy ride in normal circumstances. Now, in the midst of these extraordinary times, making suitable arrangements can be all the more tricky. You will want to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable event.

JCT London provide an excellent Covid-secure venue for wedding receptions and blessings.

As well as a 19th Century Chapel, we have a dining room (The Terrace Room) with an adjoining kitchen that would be perfect for your wedding celebration. In addition to this, there are many other breakout spaces on the premises where guests can find space to relax.

There is plenty of natural light, ventilation and an outdoor space if the weather is good.

We are located in the heart of London with excellent connectivity (See our how to find us page) and if your guests prefer to cycle to the venue we can provide safe storage for bicycles in our basement.

Please speak to us.

Either give us a call on 07724397285, email us at bookings@jct.charity or complete a form below to talk about your Covid-safe wedding requirements.

We are very flexible and ready to help with every aspect of this most important event.